Thanks for Now

So I saw a short video at church that was meant to bring the message that we are to tell others about God. BUT, one of the messages that was brought out to me during this three minute video was of a man in a wheelchair who was bitter because of the handicap. He’d been hit by a drunk driver and was forced to spend the rest of his life in the chair. Bitter.
Are Bob and I bitter? Bob prays that his healing will be complete. I pray that Bob will get better. Are we not still thankful that Bob is alive? That he received a miracle healing?
Are we impatient and still just waiting for the healing to complete…and really just not thankful enough for the miracle healing that has already occured?
Need to work on this. Because really, Bob was healed. He is healed. He’s not in a coma, he’s cancer free. He walks, talks, enjoys life. All things that at one point we were not sure would ever happen again.
I am thankful for that, and maybe that’s enough.
God help me to be thankful for where we are now.

where we are now: Bob just had surgery on his eyes. Both lids were very droopy and both bottom lids were rolling into his eyes (evidently common). So he had a bilateral eye lift. The plastic surgeon has also recommended a bit more “work” on Bob’s face. We’ll see how the eye lift goes first.