Bad Theology

In my quest to find a church that speaks to me – I find that I’m not bouncing around as much as I thought I would. I’ve only been to 2 other places – there are some fantastic churches and wonderful people out there! Do I need to plant myself somewhere, or is it okay to just keep looking around for a while? Who knows, I may end up right back where I started. I did go back to my home church a few weeks ago, and though it was nice to see familiar faces and sit in a familiar pew…it did confirm that I’m not finished searching for whatever it is I’m searching for yet. Why am I not finding it there? Dad says, “They’re all the same.” Maybe. Maybe they are. But I’m going to have to find that out for myself I guess.

One phrase that was spoken a few weeks ago, spoke to me – “Disappointment is the mother of bad theology.” The premise was that if I believe God to be unkind, unloving or apathetic toward me or my life in any way, I may become disappointed in Him. Disappointment in God would most likely lead to my thinking things about Him that are just Not true. I thought about that for awhile. Am I disappointed in God? NO. I don’t feel that way. I know God is kind & loving, and I know – that I know – that I know – He Loves Me! He’s never left me. I think for a bit I was angry with Him and confused by Him, (being honest here) but I’ve never been disappointed in Him. Disappointed in what life has dealt? Maybe. But not God.
He’s got to be bigger than life. Bigger than hurt and pain. More than I can imagine. I want to know Him MORE. I want to go deeper. I want to understand more of His nature. Good Theology I would think.

the study of the nature of God and religious belief.

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