Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act.     
~ Psalm 37:7

Wait Patiently.  Like 8 years??  I’m trying.  I sometimes think I’m doing well, too.  I talked to our doctor’s office the other day to get some thyroid blood results on Bob.  The nurse that works with our doctor apologized to me.  She gave me the normal results and I said, “TSH is normal then?  No increasing of the synthroid?  Ok, well I thought maybe that was why he’s been so tired.”      All she replied was, “I’m so sorry Kim.”

Yep, me too.

Patience means I don’t cry, scream, holler, throw things….I just say, “Oh I’m fine.  It’s okay.”  Inside I’m not fine, I’m not okay.  I’m angry and I keep thinking – ‘why does bob act so sick all the time even when the blood tests are normal and mom acts so well even when her blood tests are wacked?”

I don’t have the answers.  But I wonder…..

Does Bob have a spirit of sickness on him?  Something on him telling him all the time “you’re sick”.  And mom has a spirit of faith telling her “you are going to be okay…”?

Don’t know.   Can’t figure it out.   Working on that patience thing though.

Patience (in the dictionary) =

lack of complaint  (not always free from complaints here…for the most part?  but every once in awhile…I’m trying)

persistence  (do I have a choice?  persistence and perseverance John G. told me once a long time ago….a loooong time ago…..still going – that’s persistence right?)

fortitude (makes me think of strength.  I am weak.  God is strong.  His strength is made perfect in my weakness.  Be strong God.  I need you to.)

serenity  (not always serene here…but working on my quiet times with God again.  that still small voice is still there.)

tolerance (NO  I will NOT tolerate it.  why should I tolerate cancer, Sickness?! No, I won’t.  tolerate feels like acceptance to me.  I do NOT accept.  period.)

I think it all comes down to that “BE STILL IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD” part.  So I’ve got to remember, it’s not all about the patiently waiting…it’s about the patiently waiting while I’M STILL (quiet) in HIS presence.  Take me there God.  Take me into your presence.  I will wait.  And you will move.

Keep Walking

Psalm 23


Do I have a choice?  If I don’t walk I go nowhere, I stay here.  In this muck, Yuck!  I have to walk through it.  There’s no other way to get out of it.  There’s no way out unless I put one foot in front of the other and continue on this journey.  YES a journey.  And there is no running through it.  No quick way around it.  It is a journey and I will walk through it because I must.


Are there peaks and valleys in everyone’s life?  There certainly are in mine.  And this is one long valley; that I seem to have to cross through again.  I want out.  This valley is covered with shadows, darkness, death.  The shadow reaches across my walk, my life.  I want out from under it.  I want to be in the sun again.  Is death so close that it casts its shadow over my life?  Is it so close that I keep walking through its shadow?  It seems that everywhere I walk, it is there.  I see brief glimpses of the sun and then it’s back…that shadow.  I want the sun, the light, to push away the shadow.  I keep searching for the sun, I keep looking UP.


I will resist this fear.  I will resist this evil.  I will resist because I know you are with me.  Never leaving me or forsaking me.  You are the lifter of my head.  You surround me.  You are my strong tower.  I can scale any wall.  I am able to turn from fear because you are here with me.  Connor stayed with me this week.  In the middle of the night he woke and said to me, “Gram, I’m afraid of the dark!”  I immediately responded, “You don’t have to be afraid Connor, Gram’s here.”  He snuggled up to me and buried his head in my shoulder, “Okay Gram.” And fell back asleep.  I want to ‘snuggle up’ to God and know that I don’t have to be afraid.  He’s here.  There’s no reason for me to fear.  Though I’m walking through this valley…I won’t allow fear to guide me.

Life is for the living

Mom finished her 1st cycle of chemo.  She is awesome.  She’s a rock!  She says she feels better than she did a week ago.  She has not lost her appetite, is not sick, is not losing hair, is not suffering with diarrhea, and is generally GOOD.  She speaks encouragement to the rest of us.  She says frequently, “I’m going to be fine.  I’m going to do 2 cycles and then it will be gone.” 

We went to get her blood drawn this morning and I asked her if she wanted to get results…she declined.  “I already know I’m fine, why do I need a blood test to tell me how I feel.”  🙂

She’s walking by faith, not by sight.    She laughs, she reads, she eats Snickers Ice Cream bars, she walks up and down the street, she enjoys every day.  She wants to buy mums for the backyard “even if they only last 2 weeks…I get so much enjoyment out of them.”

She is LIVING!  Bob – watch her!  Speak as she speaks!  LIVE as she LIVES.  Bob YOU are ALIVE.   LIVE.  Stop waiting for cancer to return, stop waiting for death.  Life is for the living.  (Life is to be lived)  (Life is for those of us that are still alive)  either way — LIVE BOB, LIVE.


where is the sun?

October 11, 2011

Woke up early this morning, before the sun was up and prayed.  Then started to cry.  Not out of fear, not out of doubt or unbelief…just because.  Just because I hate that this is happening to our family.

Mom’s fighting cancer again.  Bone marrow biopsy last week showed leukemia.  Saw the oncologist yesterday and it looks like we are getting ready to start this fight again.  Chemotherapy to start as soon at they get approval from the insurance company.

We know this fight.  (too well)  We arm ourselves AGAIN with the sword of the word.  We speak life into this situation.  Cancer we resist you…you must flee.  God promised us that healing is ours.  Jesus, the SON of God, promised that by his sacrifice we are healed.  We can believe in the promises of God.  I believe this. 

So why do I cry?  Why does it hurt so much?  Why do I feel like “come on, enough is enough already”!   I battle my flesh and my emotions, knowing that God will answer and God will strengthen us again for this fight.  I ask Him “did we not learn something the first 2 times we battled cancer in this family?  What do we need to learn from this?  Can you help us to learn what we need to so we can move THROUGH this once and for all?”

I stopped crying, got out of bed and decided to walk while the sun was rising.  Got dressed, left the house and proceeded toward the park.  It was still dark.  Where is the sun?  As I walked I prayed.  “I surrender God.  I surrender all; all to you God.  I surrender.”

The street lights were still on, it was a little bit eerie.   There is a bend in the sidewalk that leads between two very tall pine trees.  For a brief moment I felt afraid of the dark, afraid of this path…”where is the sun?”  I kept walking and held my head high, I’m not afraid.  The sun will rise.  The sun WILL RISE.

I will walk through the dark again if I have to because I know the SON will rise.

 Malachi 4:2 But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in His wings.