The G-Bus

My sister Nikki bought a bus.  She’s going to travel the country to tell people about God.
I’m still a bit confused about her plan, even after the hour long conversation we had last night.
If this is God, and He is telling her to go…who am I to question her choices?
Just seems a bit like drifting though, something she admittedly is happy doing.  Drifting,  as in avoiding responsibility and any accountability.  Sounds like a good gig for her.
Again, if this is her divine calling I say “woo hoo”!  But I think I’ll not jump on board this bus just yet.


p.s.  Years ago Rusty bought a bus.  When he flew to California to pick his bus up, I joined him on the trip.  Met Bob.  Not all busses are bad.

Is the Grass Greener?

I helped Bob tile our bathroom, it took longer that I remember it taking to tile.  Next tile job, I may hire someone.  The repetitive bending, stooping, twisting, spreading thin-set, placing tile over my head, etc. Lead to a pulled muscle in my back.  I’ve been in pain for almost two weeks.  This past weekend I spent flat on my back, on muscle relaxers.  I do not like laying around when I have so much to do! 
Hmmm, two weekends ago when I was painting the basement I may have said, “I hate having so much more to do…wish I could just lay around all weekend.”
Grass greener?  Or, be careful what you ask for?
Maybe just-learn to be content in any circumstance.  Busy or flat on your back.