Timing, I Guess

Bob had a routine follow up with Dr. Matous – his BMT doc. Everything looks good. We’re waiting on blood test results. These “waiting” periods used to freak me out. Now, not so much.
Another thing that used to freak me out – our pool. Every year I’d fight putting it up, keeping it up, cry, be reminded that Bob wasn’t the man I married because he couldn’t help me with putting up the pool – or with anything for that matter. Why was that pool such a reminder of how my life was falling apart?! It just was. Timing I guess.

Life is still…well, life. Bob is still struggling.
The pool doesn’t remind me of bad times anymore though. I had a concrete patio installed so the ground would be level and the pool wouldn’t fall over. I had new steps installed from the deck down to the pool so I didn’t feel like someone was going to fall down those old rickety steps every time they walked on them. I wait until the end of summer to buy the next summer’s pool at a deeply discounted price. And now I put the pool up with my grand kids. No more freaking out about the pool.
Lesson for me? This too shall pass? All things work out? Timing I guess.

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