Day +1

Bob stinks!  The preservative that the stem cells were frozen in smells very strongly of creamed corn….or some say garlic…or strong tomato soup.  Whatever it is…it stinks.  He excretes the preservative through his lungs, so every time he breathes he fills the air with this lovely smell.

Other than his odor, he’s great.  We stopped by my moms house yesterday on our way home from the clinic and had lunch with her.  Brought her a frosty….”mmmmmm this fuzzy sure is good!”  Then we went to the grocery store, then he called Aimie to bring him a set of blue prints to work on, then he played pool with his dad for a bit.  All-in-all a great transplant day.

Today we had a quick clinic visit.  Bob just needed some magnesium replacement…a 30 minute IV infusion and we were out of there.

So far, the worst part of transplant is the fact that we’ve been separated from our family–and we miss Connor and Blake.  Connor has croup and we can’t be near him, or anyone in that house.  Katie woke yesterday with a cough, so no seeing her for a while either.  Aimie says, “Even though we are divided we are together in spirit.” amen

Mom finished her week of chemo injections.  Worst part for her was the pain.  Her legs, her arms, her belly…she got shot everywhere.  She took Benadryl to sleep at night, and as I’ve already posted – she’s going commando these days.  I think the combination of the two lead to her crazy dream last night.  She called me this morning, “I think I need to see someone about my dreams.  Last night I dreamt that I was going on a date with Britt Hume, going to see Gone With the Wind; but when I came outside all the men were naked.  And Britt was naked!” We laughed so hard I almost peed myself.  She told her doctor about the dream too, he told her if she kept talking like this he was going to have her see the psychologist. 🙂

Laughter is good for the soul.  Bad for the bladder, but good for the soul.

One thought on “Day +1

  1. Mike Gregory says:

    I think a line has been crossed here, bad enough i ihave to hear about my mother going “commando” but the britt hume thing was just too much information!!!

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