What about Bob

Oops….forgot to post about Bob’s day.

We had an appointment at our house to talk to a roofer yesterday morning. Hail damage. So Bob woke up and showered and got dressed in real clothes! (not that sweat pants and a t- shirt aren’t real clothes….because if that were true I would be considered not dressed a large portion of my life). But he put on a pair of jeans, a belt, shoes, tucked his SuperiornDemolition shirt in…this is a step up here folks.
He put on his ‘Hair cap’ (best invention ever) and greeted the roofing contractor at the door.
After we met with him, Bob said “Let’s go to work for a little while. And I’m driving my truck!”

We went to the office for almost two hours. Bob looked at the bid board, picked a job to bid, looked at blue prints, bid the job….then we left. Short and sweet. None-the-less, he actually worked.

I was the passenger, he was the driver. Boy does it feel good to say that. Even though his driving is as atrocious as it has always been…there is something nice about being the passenger once in awhile.

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