Shannon reminded me of something today. Life is for the living.

I went on a walk around the park this evening. Everything is coming back to life…the trees are blooming, the grass is so green, it is so alive out there!


I need to remember to live.

I need to line my emotions up with my faith, and my faith is in the ROCK. So my emotions need to be steady like a rock, not sloshing around like the milk at the bottom of the gallon jug.

I listen to people who aren’t in this life and death fight, and it seems they slosh around a bit too. Are we all just naturally complainers? Why can’t we be naturally….whatever the opposite of complaining is. Thankful? Appreciative of life, whatever it brings? Didn’t Paul say that we should thank God for our trials, for our suffering? Well I’m far from being thankful for this suffering, but I think maybe I can minimize the sloshing around a bit.

I’m going to look around and open my eyes to see life; going to open my eyes and look at it as a gift. Life is a gift, if I need to unwrap it once in awhile and really look at it…I will.

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