Today Bob sees the kidney doctor. Expecting to hear good things.

Today mom sees her doctor too. I’m not expecting to hear anything from him, we are waiting on God to move. We need a miracle. Good thing we know the miracle worker. We spent the day with mom yesterday. She says she’d like to not go through more chemo. Not because she’s giving up…and she doesn’t want her family to think she’s giving up…but because she’s sick of the chemo. It really takes it out of her.
We had a conversation about healing. Do we believe that it is Gods will that she be healed? Yes. Then what is he waiting for?

We are pretty sure that the doctor will suggest a new treatment plan. Mom does not know if she wants to go through with it.

I told her, “We will stand behind you 100% as long as we know that you are confident in your decision. If you tell me that you have prayed about this and you have faith in God’s word…whatever you decide is ok with us. I will pray that you hear from God, that He directs your steps, that you hear Him clearly. If He says you are healed with no more chemo, I’m with you. If you think He’s saying you need more treatment, we’re up for that fight too. Mom, we are behind you whatever you choose.”

More later.

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