Prep for moms day

May 9, 2013
I am preparing for Mother’s Day, but I have no mom. I told Katie that I would lock myself in my bedroom all day, because I have no mom. Katie said, “Then I guess I’ll have no mom on Mother’s Day either.” Touché. I guess that rules out that plan.

We had some generous friends donate to a garden nearby, for us to plant a tree in her memory.
Our family will all gather together (as many of us that are able) and have a picnic at that garden, now that the tree and plaque are installed. Not a sad thing, but a “togetherness” thing.

Hard to believe she’s been gone a year already. I still miss her every day. The pain is different, but not gone. Still a hard day to face. Mother’s Day, the day my mom left.

I’ll have to find new things to celebrate on Mother’s Day. Will keep my eyes and heart open, and it will not be hard to find something if I keep looking.

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