Dad had carpal tunnel surgery yesterday. Paula went with him, then took him home and Aimie stayed the day with him. I went over after work and stayed until 10 pm…he’d been in bed since 8:30 so I figured I was safe to go. Still felt weirdly guilty leaving him alone.

I miss mom.

Dad sometimes states that he feels like a burden. That makes me sad. He’s not a burden, and there are enough of us to share the load even if he sometimes requires help. Isn’t that what family is for? And besides, he would, AND HAS done the same for all of us.

Last night Connor asked me (as only a five year old boy could), ” Gram, when they cut Pa’s hand off…what did it look like? Did you see the blood?”
I explained that I wasn’t there, Aunt P was. (And yes, told him Pa didn’t have it cut off.)
“But Gram…you’re always the one that goes to the hospital aren’t you?”

I guess I WAS always the one to go to the hospital. But I’m learning to share the load. It’s better when we work as a team. Still some members of Team Gregory that I would trade though….
Ohhhhh but that’s another post. And I’m trying not to complain, remember?

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