Choosing New Strength

Those who trust in The Lord will find new strength.
I want NEW strength. If I believe the Bible, that means I’ll have to trust in The Lord. Okay.
Not so easy to learn to trust again after being beaten down…? let down…? disappointed in Him…?
But here’s what I’m seeing around me, everyone is let down and disappointed if they allow it. Why would I think that I wouldn’t have trials and tribulations here on earth? Why do I get to escape that? I don’t. I live in a fallen world. This world will have pain. My choice in whether I let that continually effect me is MY CHOICE. I can choose to wallow in what has happened, and be sad, offended and EFFECTED by it (feeling justified in my anger because…hey! look what has happened to me!!) OR i choose to trust in The Lord again, and find new strength.
The choice is obvious. The Choosing every day to trust Him is the work. It shouldn’t be this hard, but sometimes it just is.
Today I will trust you God.

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