Bob and I have been working on remodeling our basement.  After a few pipes burst, and then discovering that our basement floor was sinking due to some poor backyard drainage issues – we decided to turn a disastrous situation into a good thing by remodeling our entire basement/back patio.

I’ve had more than a few workers in and out over the weeks and have heard myself on more than one occasion respond to suggestions, “It’s just a basement.”  I am trying to stay budget conscious and really do not want to use the most high end fixtures or finishes.  It’s just a basement.

So yesterday while Bob, dad and I were painting and I overheard Bob respond to my dad when he thought he’d messed up a bit, “Don’t worry it’s only a basement.”  My entire basement  perspective changed.  

This morning I was reading about Caleb and Joshua going to spy out the promised land for Moses.  10 other men said (paraphrasing), “We’ll get our butts kicked!  We can’t take this land!  These people are giants!”  Caleb said, “Let’s go!  We’ve got this!”  

Perspective.  Caleb was adjusting his attitude, his perspective from a place of great faith.

Whether it’s just a basement, or a huge battle to take your promise it’s all about perspective.  I hope I keep my perspective grounded in faith.  And…good paint choices.  🙂


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