Young Again

Bob saw the bone marrow transplant doc and kidney doc last month, both tell him that he is great…No sign of disease.  Very good news.  Bob has been attending mid week service at church, and had a revelation last week.  “Kim, I’m healed.  I need to
start living like I’m healed!”
And he has been living lately.  Working on the basement remodel, socializing more, and just being more alive. 
Now that he’s decided that he’s not sick, maybe it’s time to change our prayer requests; instead of praying for healing I think we should pray for renewed youth.  Why not? Didn’t Moses keep his natural forces his entire life? (that sounds like a good thing), and Abraham have a son very late in life?  Why can’t Bob, healed Bob, have a renewed youth?
I think that’s what I’ll hope and pray for.

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