Pancakes – Good for the Soul

Had breakfast with an old friend. Talked about God, the fact that I’m searching for something new, and looking into new churches. He listened to everything I had to say.
Then I listened to what he had to say. He’s struggling too. Struggling to find God in the life that he’s living right now. I wanted to help him – wanted to pull him up and encourage him.

I’m no expert – but I think that everyone may have a hole in their life. Some a little deeper than others. Grief was a big giant hole that I fell right into, but I think there are situations that may start small and we don’t step out of them soon enough and they grow to consume us. We almost get comfortable there. Yuck.

As we shared our pancake – we laughed and reminisced and reminded each other of God’s love for us NO MATTER our current situations.

I think we need to all step out of our holes and look around. I think we need each other. Talk to your friends, visit, laugh, share a pancake. It’s good for the soul.


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