Day Zero—after transplant

The transplant is over.  Now we wait.   Yes we wait a lot.  This time we wait for the stem cells that were just infused to engraft into Bob’s marrow and grow good blood cells.  No disease.

Woke up to Bob puking this morning….the chemo effects are starting.  Funny how the timing works.  Just as he starts to feel the negative effects of chemo he gets the new cells back.  It’s like the bad cells and the good cells are  passing each other.  The bad cells die as the good cells grow.  And we wait.

So, as I posted earlier – we will wait on the Lord and renew our strength.  We’re gonna be sooooooo strong.


And if I could figure out how to upload pictures on this new iPad that Bob bought for me (yahhhh Bob), I would post a pic.