Holding On


Hebrews 10:23 (New International Version)

23Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful

HOLD on.  Don’t swerve.  HOLD ON.  He is faithful

Even if I freak out and stand on top of a mountain and yell, “I can’t take this anymore!  I’m having a nervous breakdown!  I’m not strong enough for this again!  I need help!  Please, someone hear me!  Help me!!  Anyone?  Anyone?”    Bueller?  Bueller? 

No one answers ….

So where do I go?  Who can I turn to?  I am a talker…when I have a problem I usually need to talk it out with someone.  But I feel that I’ve ‘talked’ everyone close to me to the limit.  Yikes–I’m even sick of listening to me.  So I turn to the One who I know is limitless.  He always listens. 

And when I turn to Him, and talk/yell/complain/cry to HIM…a strength inside of me rises up.  God in me?  It is so hard to find that strength again and again and again.  Every day.  Every minute.

So many things pushing it down…life.   But I will HOLD ON.  I have no choice.

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