Word of the day

I’ve been thinking that I need to CHANGE my thinking.  I will take every word captive…so to speak.   Or actually – so to think.  I need to ENCOURAGE myelf.  I will do so with the word of God.

So I came across this picture.  We created it when mom was in the hospital fighting leukemia, we hung this poster on the wall and EVERY day wrote a new word-of-the-day.  We thoughtfully, prayerfully decided on these words every day.  We used these words to focus our minds.  We wouldn’t focus on cancer, illness, symptoms, chemotherapy, death…we instead CHOSE to focus on these words. 

So today I will start again.  I will focus on LIFE, and not worry about death.  Word of the day –>  ENCOURAGE

Job 16:5
my mouth would encourage you; comfort from my lips would bring you relief.

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