Life is for the living

Mom finished her 1st cycle of chemo.  She is awesome.  She’s a rock!  She says she feels better than she did a week ago.  She has not lost her appetite, is not sick, is not losing hair, is not suffering with diarrhea, and is generally GOOD.  She speaks encouragement to the rest of us.  She says frequently, “I’m going to be fine.  I’m going to do 2 cycles and then it will be gone.” 

We went to get her blood drawn this morning and I asked her if she wanted to get results…she declined.  “I already know I’m fine, why do I need a blood test to tell me how I feel.”  🙂

She’s walking by faith, not by sight.    She laughs, she reads, she eats Snickers Ice Cream bars, she walks up and down the street, she enjoys every day.  She wants to buy mums for the backyard “even if they only last 2 weeks…I get so much enjoyment out of them.”

She is LIVING!  Bob – watch her!  Speak as she speaks!  LIVE as she LIVES.  Bob YOU are ALIVE.   LIVE.  Stop waiting for cancer to return, stop waiting for death.  Life is for the living.  (Life is to be lived)  (Life is for those of us that are still alive)  either way — LIVE BOB, LIVE.


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