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Talked to Teresa today…she had a good idea.  Just post updates on mom and Bob and then I don’t have to talk about it a million times a day (which gets really old).   Okay Teresa – good idea.


Mom on day 23 of first cylce of chemo.  She has blood draws 2 to 3 times a week to watch her blood counts.  She’s had 2 units of PRBCs and now her Hgb / Hct are holding steady around 10 / 30.  Her platelets are hovering in the low 20’s but her doc doesn’t transfuse unless she’s at 10 or below.  This week she had some bleeding gums (self inflicted via tooth pick) and required a unit of platelets.  WBCs are hovering around 3,000 BUT her “good” white cells are very low – 600 for 2 consecutive blood draws.  So she’s on prophylactic antivirals, antifungals and anibiotics.  She’s supposed to start chemo again Nov. 14th…but doc thinks we’ll wait a bit and make sure counts totally recover before we knock them back down again.  All in all, she’s doing VERY well. 

Bob saw BMT doctor today.  Light chain proteins up and 24 hour urine shows increased protein so he starts chemo again next week.  Thursday.  21 day cycle.  2 weeks on, 1 week off.  He’ll be on injections and pills.  No IV drugs this time.  Mild they say.  Overall he’s just “sick of being sick”.  His symptoms are mainly just fatigue.  His kidneys are functioning well.  Asked me today, “What’s God waiting on?  Why am I not finished with all this crap?”  I don’t have the answer.

Me on day 2920 (give or take a week).  Have been offered anti-depressants by doctors – refused.  🙂  I think I’ll just keep reading my bible and pressing into God.  And blogging my feelings for anyone interested in reading them, or for me to just get them OUT of me and onto a page.  Just seems to help. 

Family on day 2920…still walking it out.  We stick together, complain to each other, pray for each other, encourage each other, feed each other, cry to each other, vent to each other, and love each other through it all again.

update complete.

Thinking about writing another book; Cancer Hangover.

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