Spirit of Faith

I’ve been reading a book, “Your Pathway to Miracles” by Marilyn Hickey.  Just read…”there seems to be a ‘spirit of fear’ (2 Timothy 1:7) …. Yet, in contrast to the spirit of fear, there is a ‘spirit of faith’. …(2 Corinthians 4:13)

I was just wondering about that in relation to the way mom and Bob have each been dealing with cancer.

Mom had a blood transfusion last week, she was very anemic and needed PRBCs.  She got two units.  Then a few days ago she used a floss-pick on her teeth, started bleeding and couldn’t stop.  Went to the doctor and they sent her to the hospital transfusion center for a platelet transfusion.  Now she’s on three differnt antibiotics due to her LOW white blood cells. 

I was talking to her about precautions that she should be using…she said, “It all sounds worse than it is.”

Love it.  She has a spirit of faith.

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