Falling Leaves

Walked this morning.  Noticed the trees.  Most have no leaves left, but I noticed that some still do have leaves, dead leaves.  Why do some hold on longer than others?  Am I holding on to something that I shouldn’t…should I be letting go so that the season can change, so that I can “die” and come back new next season? 

I find myself asking, “What do you want from me God?! What do you want?” To whom much is given much is required.

“What?  What is required??  What do you want?”

All of me, he wants all of me.  He’s got it.  God, show me what I haven’t let go of…show me what I need to surrender.  I will, I will surrender ALL.  Please show me.  I want to shed all of these dead leaves to make room for the new LIFE that is to come.


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