Nov 10th UPDATE

Bob’s 4th — FIRST CHEMO treatment was today.  (4th time we’ve started new chemotherapy in the past 8 years)

This one seems easier, all out-patient treatments and the docs say the drugs are all well tolerated. 

Velcade – Decadron – Revlimid      21 day cylces

Day 1 through Day 14 he takes a pill (Revlimid)

Day 1 & Day 8 he also takes another pill (Decadron) and gets a shot subcutaneously (Velcade )

Day 15 through 21 he’s off.

Bob seems fine with it all.  Not scared.  Just wants something that will make him feel better.  He’s just tired all the time.  He says, “If this one doesn’t get rid of it I’m gonna tell them to give me something stronger again…like another bone marrow transplant, or whatever they have that is the strongest….”  Oh God help us.  I don’t want to go through that again, please don’t make us.

Some good news regarding today’s chemo…the cost of ONE of the drugs is $7,000 per cycle.  The pharmacy had us complete a survey, and a questionnaire that had to go through the drug company and the insurance company and the results:  we have NO CO-PAY!   When a good day = not having to pay for your chemo…you are an optimist.

Speaking of optimism, my mom saw her oncologist yesterday.  She is a month out from her 1st treatment.  (yes…1st treatmen of her SECOND round with chemotherapy)  Her counts are finally coming up.  Platelets up, Hemoglobin/Hematocrit up, White Blood Cells up.  The doctor is VERY happy with her.  She will probably begin the next round Thanksgiving week.   We pray that the second round goes as well as the first did…we’d even take BETTER than the first. 

That’s it for the update.  Thanks to all who are following & praying for us.

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