RESOLUTION to Count my Quarters

Thank you all for listening to my whining.  Thanks to you who responded and let me know that we are not alone.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

There are resolutions to the litany of issues that I rambled off the other day (in my puking session).  Katie feels better, Jordan is better, the building got appraised again…evidently they measured wrong.  (really?)   Our job finishing up without incident, and SAFELY.  My chest cold/virus is clearing up…I even visited with mom without fear of infecting her.

Mom’s counts are recovering nicely.  She has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and they will dicuss her next bone marrow biopsy date.  We suspect that will be some time this month and we also suspect that it will show NO CANCER.  So mom will be finished (again),  and hopefully once — no twice — and for-all.

Bob will see his doctor in 2 weeks to discuss his next step.  Bone marrow transplant?  We’ll see.  He doesn’t feel well.  He’s pretty emotionally beat up about it all.  Speaking about death.  yuck, yuck, yuck!!  I told him today that I want him to be strong, I want him to fight to live and that if he gives up now I think I’ll be mad at him.  (just being honest)  I want him to keep fighting, I don’t want him to give up yet.  Is that selfish?  Do I care if it is…

I guess that no matter what problems / issues / concerns we have….they will be resolved evenutally.  I’m just trying to patiently wait for those resolutions,  and trying not to whine anymore.

I heard a story once; a young boy was walking home from school and found a quarter.  He was so excited to have found this quarter and thought to himself, “If I keep looking I might find more money on the way home!”  He walked the rest of the way home, searching the ground for more coins…becoming a bit disappointed that he wasn’t seeing any more money.  Upon entering his house, his mother noticed the frown on his face and asked what was wrong.  “I found a quarter, but then didn’t find anything else….”  His mom asked, “How many quarters did you have this morning?  And how many now?  Count your quarters.”

Resolving not to whine: I’ll focus on the positive and count my quarters.

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