Faith vs Fear

Is faith the opposite of fear?  I wonder.  Sometimes I get afraid; afraid of death.  Afraid I’m losing my mom and/or my husband.  I have weird thoughts fly through my brain…”what if you lose her?  what if you lose him?  what if you lose them both?”  Then I quickly have to speak to that fear and tell those thoughts to leave.  It’s not that I dwell on death – I don’t.  But it quickly “attacks me” once in a while, it comes out of nowhere.  I don’t like it.  Being afraid stinks.  yuck

Faith helps me to not be afraid, it gives me something to hold on to.  I must have faith in God.  I must have faith in His words, His promises.  I must live by that faith…or I live in fear.  I believe that I will be okay.  I believe that Bob will be fine, he will live and not die.  I believe that mom has a future, and will not die.  I believe that our faith will not fail, we will overcome.  My faith keeps me sane.  My faith keeps me from being afraid.  My faith helps me to get up every day and walk through the day…my faith helps me to NOT fall, my faith helps me to NOT stay in bed all day paralyzed by fear.

I choose faith.


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