Valentine’s Day

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day 2012.  Mom had blood drawn and is watching her counts drop from chemo.  She has a bone marrow biopsy next Tuesday to determine whether she stays on this chemo or switches to another.  Bob and I went to see the BMT doctor.  His cancer counts have dropped a bit…but not enough so we’re starting pre-BMT staging on Monday, to be followed by the transplant in a couple of weeks.  We’re ready.

A dozen roses were delivered to me at work yesterday.  Beautiful.  The card just read “i love you”.  I assumed they were from Bob.  He came in my office and saw them – picked up the card and read it – set it back down and started to walk out.  I said, “Thanks for the flowers Bob.”  In typical Bob form, he didn’t really respond but just smiled.  Katie then said, “ummmm, those flowers are from me and Jordan.”  We cracked up.  I asked Bob, “did you know those flowers were from Katie?  It sort of seemed like you took a bit of credit for them?”

He responded, “Well I thought someone here at the office got them for you from me.”

Eight years ago on Valentine’s day Bob and I were in the hospital – going on our 6th week there.  Bob had a trach tube in his throat, had woken from his coma but had not spoken yet.  Was just starting to write notes to us.  Horribly hard to understand notes.  On Valentine’s Day the nurses entered the room and told me I had a delivery in the waiting room.  There were a dozen roses, beautiful.  The card read, “have i told you lately that i love you?”   I assumed they were from Bob.  I questioned him, he did NOT take credit but was as confused as I was by the delivery.  Rusty had ordered flowers for me from Bob.  Funny memory.  Yesterday made me think about it.

But instead of thinking of the past, I’d like to think of the future.  I have HOPE for a future with Bob.  Hope for a Valentine’s Day when we’re old and gray … (okay, old and not coloring my gray hair) … and receiving valentine’s from our great grandchildren.  Hope for a future.  God tells me I can have hope for a future.  I will.

One thought on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Beth says:

    I love you and all of your peeps. You are strong, faithful, and will get through this. I am praying for all of you. Tell me 2nd mom and my boyfriend to have faith and stay strong! I miss you all.

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