One Sock

Maybe I’m over-reacting here (evidently that’s a sign of STRESS) but where are all of those missing socks?  seriously.

I’m an adult.  I do my own laundry.  (okay once in a while Bob does the laundry) But  I don’t think Bob is stashing my missing socks anywhere. My dirty clothes hamper is empty.  My washer and dryer are empty.  Where are those missing socks?

This is one of the small, insignificant things that gets under my skin and really bothers me.  I mean, come on!  Where are they?

Aimie and Katie must have the same problem.  Because I see them wearing miss-matched socks ALL THE TIME.  It mustn’t bother them.  They’ve adapted.  Connor and Blake even wear miss-matched socks.  They even prefer to wear one Batman and one Spiderman sock.

I must adapt too.  There are things I’ll never understand, and will never be able to fix….so I must let it go.  If you see me with miss-matched socks on – know that I’m adapting.  I may not like it…but I think it’s a step in the right direction.  Stress relief = wearing miss-matched socks.

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