Cuddle Up

Connor stayed with us last night.  When he stays he sleeps in our bed.  Bob, Connor and I all start out together in our bed; Bob usually winds up moving to another bedroom somewhere around the 3rd kick in the ribs.

This morning Connor repeated a habit that he’s grown accustomed to – about 4:00 am he rolls over and stretches and says in the sweetest voice, “Gram?  Can we cuddle up?”

“Sure we can buddy, come on over” and he tucks that little body into mine.  Back first, he cuddles into me.  I wrap my arms around him and hold him while we fall back asleep.  LOVE    LOVE    LOVE

This morning about 5:30 I tried to roll over away from him to get out of bed, “heee…ey!”  He whines and turns one syllable into two.  “That’s my back you’re pushing on!”

Hmmmm.  Where did that sweet little “can we cuddle up?”– voice go so quickly?

As I laid there and waited for him to get comfortable enough to fall back asleep I thought about God.  Does He love it when I want to ‘cuddle up’ to Him?  Then get discouraged when I quickly change and whine to him, “Hey!  Why are you pushing me?”

God I love you.  And I want to stay close to you.  I don’t want to push you away.  I need to feel you close to me.  I’m sorry for whining.  I’m not promising I can stop.  Please know that I will always want you close, even when I whine.  Don’t leave us God.

One thought on “Cuddle Up

  1. I love this!! At home he comes into my room early in the morning and cuddles me. When I get up to get ready for work he gets upset and asks why I left him. I remind him that I didn’t leave him but that I just had to get ready for the day. Sometimes I wonder if that’s how we feel with God too. We think he left us but he just moved. Maybe we need to look harder instead of reacting immediately…

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