Everyone Has a Story

It dawned on me as I was feeling sorry for myself — everyone has a story.  Everyone has a struggle.  Everyone has something that they are dealing with.  Why should I feel sorry for myself?  What sort of example am I setting?  Do I trust God?  yes.  Do I KNOW that God is good?  yes.  Do I think that complaining or trying to validate my feelings is helpful?  no.

So as I listen to other people’s story…as I see what other people are going through….as I watch how others react to their junk…I look back at myself.  I don’t want to complain.  I don’t want to be the person with the biggest problems, or the most stress, or the hardest life to deal with; because I have a big God.  And what’s the point of trusting God, following God, loving God….if I don’t let him be the author of my story.  He’s good.  He’s loving.  He’s watching out for me.  He’s strong enough for me to lean on.  He wants me to trust Him, and to walk with Him every day.  So I’ll try to be the one with the story that points to Him.

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