Day -1

Yesterday was a good day for Bob.  Such a good day that the doc who saw him at the hospital told him we could stay home today.  A day of rest.  So today we will rest.

Yesterday after chemo we went to lunch then shopped a bit.  Katie, Jordan and Ashley were with us.   Seemed pretty normal.  Except I got a little freaky with fear again.  I would watch Bob go to the restroom at the restaurant and stare toward the doors, waiting for him to come out.  Waiting…..waiting……waiting…..”do you think he’s been in there too long?”

When we were finally home and he was resting on the couch watching the Big 12 wrestling championship on TV and telling the Mizzou wrestlers how to score points, I relaxed.  He’s okay.

Then when he fell asleep and began snoring heavily, I looked at him and out of nowhere I thought, “Oh my gosh! Bob has just had a lethal dose of chemo and now he’s laying here on the couch!!!!!!!  Holy crap!  What if he has a seizure?  What  if he gets sick?!”

But he will not.  This is not last time.  This is new.  Apples and oranges Teresa said.  Apples and oranges.  I had to get out my bible and start reading OUT LOUD (that’s when you know it’s serious) 🙂   I asked Bob to recite some stuff out loud for me too.  I asked him, “You’re gonna be okay right?  You’re not gonna react weirdly to this?”.  He is sure he’s okay and will be okay.  OK,  fear gone.

Apples and oranges.

One thought on “Day -1

  1. God has not given you a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. Bob is healed. We know this. Keep your eyes on God and be still. Wait expectantly for his manifestation of healing. Stay in Thanksgiving. Praise continually on your lips. The word on your tongue and in your thoughts. Rest in Gods peace and contentment even in this circumstance

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