Day -2

Today is the same as yesterday, except we’re in the hospital instead of the clinic.  We’re in an old ICU room, no windows and lots of memories.  Yuck.

Bob feels great though.  Had decadron yesterday and today for a pre-med to the chemo.   He loves it.  Makes him hyper, and very happy.  Today will be another really good day for him so we’re going shopping and out to lunch after chemo.

No fear today, thank you God.  But I think my dad is taking the fear for all of us.  He needs to watch his words.  I think I need to talk with him.  Tell him to take every thought captive, examine his thoughts and reject the ones that don’t line up to the words that’s he’s praying every day.  Fear sucks.

One funny update regarding mom:

The shots they are giving her really hurt.  She’s got bruises all over and she says the pain is like a bad burn.  (that’s NOT the funny part)     In order to not irritate the tops of her legs every time she uses the restroom, she’s opted for not wearing underwear.  Yep, she’s going commando!  So yesterday when she went in for her shot, wouldn’t you know it the nurse asked to see her legs.  Mom said she had to go to the restroom with the nurse and explain the situation.  Hilarious!

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