Spent about 8 hours at the hospital today getting transfusions.  Bob did great.  Got home about 6:30 pm, and about 9 pm he complained of being cold.  Took his temp- 99.5

We have to call the on-call doc for a  temp of 100.5 or greater.  Because Bob has no white blood cells….he’s not so good at fighting infections.  A fever could mean trouble.

By 10 pm Bob’s temp was 100.9; we called and the doctor sent home health agency out.  The nurse drew Blood cultures and then started IV antibiotics.  I will be giving these IV drugs at home, every 8 hours.  Bob doesn’t feel bad….but does look flushed and feels warm.  I’m not scared, just feel a little lonely.   I wish my mom was here.

Aimie, Katie, Stan and Chuck are all praying.  (Chuck is Aimie’s swim coach from years ago.  He’s a good man.  Stays in contact with us, prays for us….great guy.)

 Going to bed now, praying that we have a peaceful night with no more fevers.  Will see doctor in the morning.   This will not be like last time.  Bob will be fine.  Did I say I wasn’t scared?  OK, maybe a tiny bit scared.  God help me to have bigger faith….faith that chases away all fear.

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