Day +10 Tired ramblings

A little stream of consciousness here:  Did I sleep at all?  IV antibiotics stopped at midnight, flushed and cleaned the lines, checked the medication book…nothing due until 4 am…took his temp, afebrile…I slept for about four hours there.  Up at four for drugs, down for an hour and back up at 530 to get IV ready again…am I forgetting anything?  Nope, except to sleep!  Need to nap today.

Delayed our drive to clinic, waiting for Bob to stop puking.  I’m gonna miss my coffee stop again.  I could make it at home, but afraid the smell will make him sick.  He does not enjoy coffee the way I do.   Drove to clinic with drugged, fun Bobby again.  I’m too tired to find his ramblings entertaining.  I just want him to shut up.  (I don’t care if we’re late, I NEED coffe today).  I’ve decided that it doesn’t matter how much you love someone, no matter how long you’ve been together…you really aren’t supposed to spend two weeks of 24/7 uninterrupted time together.  I just need to get away for a few hours.  But…we only have a couple more days of quarantine, then I’ll get out for some me time.  Hopefully his other two care-takers (Aimie and Katie took the care taker class with us) will be over their head colds soon and I can entrust his care to them for a few hours.

Did I tell you guys this one yet?  (humor me if this is a repeat…it is the one amuzing thing fun Bobby said today). Earlier this week Bob watched a car pull out in front of me and said, “1 out of 75% of drivers can’t drive”. I didn’t understand and questioned him, he corrected himself, “oh, I meant 95%”.   Uh-huh…this is the drugs talking.  I just laughed as he tried to explain his logic.  (Cindy & Paula—I think it has something to do with osmosis)   Anyway, this morning Bob was complaining about my driving and said, “Don’t tell me you’re one of the 75%!”.   Somehow this makes sense to him.

Counts still low (sorry Holly…white count still ‘preparing’ to jump up…but not yet).  Creatinine still high.  Saw Dr. M today.  He’s not too concerned about the kidneys either.  “We’ll just cutback on a few antibiotics and the antivirals and watch him.  The Creatinine will come back down, it’s just the melphalan.”  woo- hoo, we get to change the IV antibiotics to twice a day instead of three times a day.  = more sleep.

Had a great conversation with the nurse about God.  🙂 she wants to go on a mission trip.  We told her about the awesome experience we had on ours.

Mom is good, really good.  She came over yesterday and visited.  I did not cook her dinner.  We ate ice cream.

I think I’ve rambled enough.  More later.

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