Fighting Giants

I’ve been reading my Bible every day.  Today I read in the book of Numbers about Caleb.  He went with a group of guys to scout out the promised land for Moses.  All the other guys in the scouting crew freaked out a bit, said that the people of the land were like giants and that they SAW THEMSELVES as grasshoppers in comparison. Not Caleb.  He was ready to go.  He was sure that they could overtake these people and that land.  He had great faith in what God had said.  If God said we could have it, then let’s take it.  Don’t fear.

I want to face the giant (cancer) in my life like Caleb did.  No fear.  And let’s kick it’s butt.   Take our lives back.  I want us to be a family of Calebs.

God promised healing.  I choose to believe in healing.  No matter how hard the fight is, the outcome is sure.  Giants fall.  Caleb’s giants fell.  Goliath fell.  Cancer will fall.

Thank you God for giving is big faith!  Like Caleb. Thank you everyone who is praying for us along the way.  Sometimes I feel like we’re being carried by your prayers and your faith.


2 thoughts on “Fighting Giants

  1. Mike Gregory says:

    I recently read that too, what a great example Caleb is! I wish I had his faith when I am surrounded by giants too, but Jesus is still there to help me even when my faith is just as small as a mustard seed. I have learned to not be driven by my emotions so much, and trust in HIm, even when I feel like giving up, trust in Him even when I cant see how things are going to turn out, trust in HIm even when I do feel like I can. He has always gotten me through and He isnt going to change. We just have to keep our focus and our eyes on Him, listen to HIm and let Him guide us through the giants in our lives. You guys are in my prayers daily!!

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