Day +12 Our Bracket

Everyone is caught up in March Madness.  Even when we aren’t spending all of our time in hospitals and clinics…we really don’t keep up with basketball.  But…we are keeping up with a different sort of bracket.  When I worked in the Washington University Cancer Center, we used to chart our patients blood counts in a bracket.   >——<

WBC >—-HGB/HCT—-< PLT : this was our bracket, these were the numbers we followed.  Now Bob and I are following this bracket again.  As soon as his numbers normalize……we’re out of our March Madness.

Today WBC 0.7 (700 Holly!) still waiting on ANC…..(absolute neutrophil count; this ANC number needs to be above 500 for Bob to be off of his neutropenic precautions)

HGB/HCT  9.3/26.8 (explains his shortness of breath and exhaustion….may still get blood transfusion this week)

PLT 34 (probably looking at another platelet transfusion too)

So we’re still IN IT….still fighting through our bracket.  But all is well.  Feeling very blessed in it all.

Aimie came by this morning and brought me coffee …. At 730 am on a Saturday. She’s a good daughter.  We are blessed.

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