Day +13 all good

Good news, Bob’s WBC is up (1400 total white count).  Up high enough that we’re planning to see Connor and Blake today!!!  Not so good news…his HGB & HCT are low enough that he may need a blood transfusion, like today.  So the day we finally get to see the boys….we may spend at the hospital getting blood.  We are sitting here waiting on the doctor to decide if today or tomorrow is transfusion day.

We are always waiting on someone else’s decisions lately.  Why plan?  We have no control.

I’m crabby today.  Tired and crabby.  Bob has a rash all over his stomach.  Bob has not held any food down for two days, it stinks to wake up to the sound of him puking.  I scratched my eye taking out my contacts last night and it looks like my eye is bleeding…hurts too.  My hand hurts from this stupid tendonitis (or whatever the heck it is)….I’m sick of driving to this hospital EVERY DAY… Blah blah blah   I hate cancer.  I hate cancer.  I hate cancer.

What good does it do to complain?  None.  So I will practice what I preach….rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS.  Thank you God that we have today.  Thank you that Bob and mom are alive.  Thank you for loving us.  Thanks for my family.  Thanks for Stan and Teresa who brought me lunch yesterday and took Bob to buy a lottery ticket. Thanks for Cathy who sent me a care package.   Thank you for white blood cells.  Love you God.  Help me to just relax….and hold on….and know that it’s all good.



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