Day +18 Spring Break


Today was our last of the “every day trips” to the clinic. We have three days off! Kind of like our spring break.

Dr M is leaving next week for Mexico…his spring break. When Bob and Rusty and some of their other friends were younger…they used to go to Florida every year for spring break. They were a bit rowdy, and tended to dress up in strange outfits when going out on the town. To this day, when the end of March rolls around Bob reminisces about his spring break outfit days. Bob wanted to dress up in one of his spring break outfits before going today.

He figured today was the perfect time to celebrate…and the outfit was his way of doing so.
I sent Rusty the picture. His only response, “spring break is just a state of mind….and an outfit!”

Dr M and the nurses appreciated his humor. I will appreciate the break.

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