Ummmm….a break

So today was supposed to be the first day off in 24 days of coming to the hospital, but Bob woke at 2 AM with a bit of a nose bleed. It stopped, but it did ooze for a good five minutes or so. The nurse in me said, get to the emergency room if he starts to ooze again. The tired wife in me said he’ll be fine until daylight. Once I was fully awake I called the on-call doc and we came in to get a blood draw. Platelets low, to the infusion center for a unit. We’re almost finished….we’ll start our break tomorrow.

I can’t get impatient yet. We’re still IN IT all. We will get a break soon. God….give us a break .
We will run the race to the finish line. No falling down yet. One day at a time.

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