Just some pictures

Aimie and Bob at clinic on “outfit day”



Mmmmmm…hospital food


Eyes getting better.


Beautiful tree outside hospital where mom gets blood. “Oooh, Kim…get a picture of that tree.” Didn’t know what else to do with the picture…


A little Blake time for Bob…or was it a little G-Bob time for Blake?


On way home from clinic Bob wanted to pick up boys and “Oh ya, there’s a house in this neighborhood that had a fire…let’s buy it and fix it up.” Connor asked, “G-Bob is this house on sale?”


Meghan! Told us Bob was cancer free….then tried on Bob’s hat/hair.


Bob “celebrating”!


Mom coming over morning after Bob gets great news. She’s on her way to chemo but comes to congratulate Bob. “Congratulations Bob! Praise God! Thank you God….oh thank you you Father!”
Bob replies, “You next!” Amen.


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