When we received our wonderful news yesterday, we were also informed that Bob’s platelets were low and he’d need a transfusion. He’s still got some recovering to do. He asked, “How much longer before I start to feel like I have energy?” Could be as long as three months, but he should feel a little bit better every day.

Yesterday I was hoping he’d feel a lot better! I was hoping for a celebration! But….slow down a minute…Bob’s not up for a celebration yet.

The nurse at the infusion center asked how he felt, “Great! They just told me I don’t have cancer!”
“That’s awesome Bob! How are you going to celebrate?”
“I’m going to take a nap” and he reclined the chair and fell asleep. Then we came home and he slept and puked the rest of the evening. Yep….the celebration will have to wait a bit. Maybe we’ll hold off and celebrate with mom when she gets her good news.

Good News.
I have been expecting good news, I have been setting my eyes on the good, I have been telling God that I trust Him…so why was yesterday so shocking? I didn’t even know that they’d drawn the blood to test for the cancer. Dr. M and I had a discussion before the transplant and he’d said that we would wait for 90 days to see if the transplant had worked. He said, “Kim, don’t even think about results for 3 months,” so I wasn’t.

Yesterday Meghan said, “Well last time things went badly, and the news wasn’t so good…so we thought we’d just not tell you anything for 90 days…but this was good news. I knew you’d want to know.”

Yes. Last time Bob had a transplant we heard, “We’re so sorry, it didn’t work. It failed. But we can start experimental treatments…..”
Oh yes, I remember. That’s why the decision to go through this horrific experience again was such a hard one to make. You don’t forget someone telling you that you have failed transplant. I guess the same as you don’t forget someone telling you that the transplant was a success.

Yes, maybe the celebrating will come later. When mom gets her good news. When Bob feels alive. When I’ve mentally digested all of this.

I’m still a little numb. But…comfortably numb. (I know, I know…Pink Floyd again)

3 thoughts on “Celebration

  1. Susan Beyer says:

    Our God never ceases to amaze me. And the Family of God never ceases to amaze me. Our lives are testimony to His Goodness, His Glory, His Love and Mercy and Truth. His word is truth. Hugs to you and Bob as you walk through recovery time. We love you

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