Bob has kept food down for two days in a row now!!!! He’s still exhausted, sleeps most of the day…but not puking every day is a huge step forward.

Our neighbor has been fighting cancer too…he just told me that he’s in remission! He took his wife to Hawaii for a week to celebrate. I told Bob, “no pressure here, but Hawaii sounds like a good place to celebrate.”

Mom: I’m going to stop looking at blood results every day and keep my eyes on God. If He says all things are possible, just believe…I will keep my eyes on Him. I will not fear bad news. I will not listen to anything that does not line up with Gods word. I just wish dad would stop living by the numbers. I need off of this roller coaster. She’s not healed one day, sick the next….she’s healed period. It doesn’t matter what she feels, sees or even thinks. It only matter what God says. We walk by faith and not sight. We don’t use our five senses to see healing….we use our faith. We can’t touch it, feel it, see it, smell it or taste it. Faith. We JUST believe.

Pastor Pat from church went to visit mom and dad today, took them communion. Very encouraging for them.

I’ve been texting my siblings and daughters every day with updates from mom. Sometimes I think it may be too much. Maybe they don’t need the blow-by-blow details. Maybe they do. I don’t know. Blow-by-blow; very appropriate.

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