Holy Week

Today is good Friday. The day we remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us. It’s also Passover. The day we celebrate the angel of death passing over us. Holy week. Holy. Weak.

Mom: we have been entering into a place of worship and prayer that is familiar to us. The battle waged in the middle of a song of praise. We lift our hands up, we lift our eyes up, we take our eyes off of symptoms and the physical and blood test results, and we place our eyes on our God. We draw near to Him, and He draws near to us, and He comforts us.
I have to remember that this walk of faith is not an easy one. Just because I believe God is our healer, and He is above our circumstances…does not make it easy. Sometimes the challenge is just in keeping my eyes fixed on him. So many other things jump up and down and compete for our attention. But we will keep our eyes above it all, and on Him.

Bob: we saw Dr. M yesterday. Bob’s platelets are starting to increase…he’s making his own again. Still low, but going up. His Red cells are still really low, he got a growth factor shot to help boost them. We will see the doc again Tuesday and if he’s still low he will get blood. Dr. M told us that the cancer marker test was not completely accurate. Said that he would still wait until 3 months from now to test for most accurate results. Just makes me laugh. Even when you get good news….they buffer it with “don’t get too excited yet”. But it’s okay, we weren’t celebrating yet anyway.

But we will. Yes, we will.

Aunt Julie died today. Mom is sad that she can’t be there to bury her.

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