Another patient or two

Okay Shannon…thank you for being interested.

Where was I? Tuesday evening we were at hospital getting blood, long night. Didn’t get home until about 1:00 AM.

Wednesday Blake had his tonsils out, so I woke early and picked up Connor. Blake did very well. He’s such a tough little guy. Went to visit him in the hospital Wednesday. Had to have someone stay with Bob, so mom said she would. (momentarily weighed the decision in my head — let my mother who is battling leukemia come and babysit Bob who is recovering from stem cell transplant?). Sounded like a good idea. Maybe that tells you how desperate I am to get out! And my getting out was to a hospital. Ha

All went well, I stayed about 45 minutes, took him a batman balloon, he looked great, Aimie and Nick didn’t look so bad either.

Thursday morning mom had another bone marrow biopsy. This one took a long time, they seem to be having a hard time drawing her blood lately….her veins are shot. Just another reason to be finished with this.

While dad and Paula were with mom, Connor and I picked up Aimie and Blake from hospital. Bob stayed home alone. Thought I wouldn’t be gone long….wound up being gone about two hours. I called Bob to check on him…though I felt like I was remiss on my caretaker duties, I was confident that he was fine.
Unfortunately, I was NOT fine. Something hit me like a ton of bricks Thursday about noon. Started chilling, felt like my muscles were in post workout recovery, head throbbing. I quarantined myself to my bedroom and spiked a fever of 101.5. Katie came and fed Bob, made sure his drugs were laid out for his evening dose and flushed his PIC line. She also made me a grilled cheese and smoothie.

This morning I went to the doctor, Bob accompanied me. Fever broke. Doctor thinks viral. “just try not to be around any immunocompromised people.” I almost laughed out loud.

So we are all recovering. Mom, Bob, Blake and me. I’m telling you– sometimes when you step into that ring, you get pummeled from every side.

Aunt Julie was buried today. Mom was sad that she couldn’t be there. I hate that cancer steals so much from us.

Funny: my dad, with his lack of hearing, has a new word. The nurses tell him mom is neutropenic. He hears “nuper”. Mom said she heard him tell someone, “barb can’t be around crowds because she’s nuper”. She just laughs. She called me and said, “i guess since you’re sick I won’t be able to see you, I’m nuper you know!”

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