Lessons From a 2 & 4 Year Old

Blake & Connor are learning to ride a bike. Although Blake is 2 years younger, he seems to have mastered the skill quicker than Connor; much to Connor’s dismay. As I sat and watched them ride, I noticed something. Blake makes sure his feet are firmly on the pedals first, then raises his head and starts pedaling. Connor keeps his head down, staring at his feet and often runs off of the path or into an obstacle.

As I explained to Connor that he should get his feet situated first, then look up and keep his eyes on where he wants to go…and not on his feet….I realized that this was a good lesson for me to hear as well!

I need to keep my eyes on where we are going, not the pedaling or ‘work’ of getting there. If I can keep my eyes on God’s word, and stay focused on the fact that there is healing in our path…I think I can learn to ride this out better. I’m not saying that I won’t still fall down once in awhile. But if I do, I’ll remember Blake and Connor. No matter how hard the fall, or how bloody the scraped knees…they get back up and try again – determined to ride that bike.

I will set my feet on the path, keep my eyes on healing, pick myself up after every fall, and finish this walk.

3 thoughts on “Lessons From a 2 & 4 Year Old

  1. chuck golz says:

    Life is much like a bike ride! You fall down, then get up. Fall again, get up again. Just like life. You “hit it on the head”!!!!

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