Holding it Together

“You know we go along and think everyone is doing so well and holding it together so well, and then something like this happens,” mom says after another one off us loses it.

I’m talking on the phone to Stan. He’s driving home from the hospital….he left work early to go sit with mom and dad while she was getting her blood transfusion today. He’s telling my how good she looked, and that it really was uneventful….then he starts screaming at a car that just cut him off, “I swear if I had a gun I’d be shooting people!!”

I’m with Aimie at church, we are in the lobby talking to some friends about mom. Aimie is so full of faith, so strong in her belief and statement of faith, then right in the middle of declaring our belief in mom being healed….she starts crying. She stops, cries a second, collects herself, takes a deep breath and starts speaking faith again.

I’m constantly listening to dad blow a gasket (a full blown “I’m going to move away from this crazy state….no one knows what they’re doing… I’m getting a lawyer” to sue SOMEBODY) over things as trivial as the fact that he couldn’t find the Pringles at the grocery store.

I can’t seem to clean or organize my house or office to any degree of satisfaction. (a little OCD-ish)
I guess I think that if I can’t control anything else in my world right now – at least I can clean it up.

Just trying to hold it all together. For the most part I think we are doing really well, I just hope we don’t all ‘lose it’ at the same time. At least we can laugh at ourselves.

Proverbs 17:22
A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.

One thought on “Holding it Together

  1. chuck golz says:

    It’s at times like these, your family will come together as one. Collective prayer becomes so powerful!! TRUST (one’s faith in God) + PRAYER (communication with God)= SALVATION!!!! Love and prayers for you all!!!! Coach.

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