Prayer Request

Today I’d like to ask for prayer. Please pray with me…

Father, we trust you. We thank you for our many blessings and we thank you for the love that you show us every day. We love you God. We trust you God. Hold us up as we go through this journey. Hold mom (Barbara) up as she embarks on the next step of her journey. Keep us under your wings, where we will find peace, rest, strength and healing. You are our everything. Amen

Mom will start chemo again Monday. The doctor suggests more, says the blood tests are getting worse. She’s sort of feeling it, though she is a freakin’ rock star and one of the strongest women I’ve ever seen…she’s feeling sick again. So she says, “If the doctor says have a little more chemo….I’ll have a little more chemo.” Not showing a lack of faith in God healing her; really just saying “I don’t know how we’re getting to this healing God, but if this is the road you want me on I’ll walk it … Again. I don’t like it, but I’ll walk it.”
She still says she doesn’t think she’s going to die. She’s just sick of this crap. Agreed.

One thought on “Prayer Request

  1. chuck golz says:

    BARB, YOU ARE A “ROCK!!! The strength, faith and perserverance you display everyday, in battling this demon, has filtered down to other family members, especially the women in your family!! I see this in Kim, and Aimie!! God is paving the way for your journey (even though you may not like it!). JUST FOLLOW HIM AND HE WILL DELIVER YOU BACK TO GOOD HEALTH!! Trusting God, Coach.

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