Complicated Counseling

Seeing the counselor every week still. I Asked this week, “Am I supposed to feel worse when I leave here then when I came in?”
Maybe sitting with a professional for an hour makes me think I’m supposed to open up and tell all…all thoughts, issues, problems, concerns, etc., etc.
If this pattern continues, I’ll never stop!

I’m starting to realize that he doesn’t have all the answers. Not that I thought he would, but would’ve been nice for a few answers.

He says, “This is called complicated grief.” It’s complicated alright.

Working through it. Finding my faith again. I don’t know how that looks….my faith.
I do know that I need a relationship with God. I just don’t know what it will look like after all this grief. I thought I wanted the same relationship I had before…
But maybe, just maybe, it can be better.

It’s complicated.

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