The Hole

Found this….wrote it in January. Never posted it. Fell back in that hole. 😦

So I feel like I’ve turned a corner, or walked out of a fog, or crawled out of a hole. I’ve been here in this hole for over seven months. Grief Stinks!

Oh I’ve tried to get out…but every time I’ve lifted my head up or peaked around the corner I’ve faced a LIFE that was filled with depression, grief, sadness, cancer, fear, loneliness, yuck, yuck, yuck!

LIFE is still there, and I could continue to see the bad stuff, but for some reason (thank you God) I am able to choose to see the good stuff now too. And I’ve decided I’m going to focus on the good. God is still here in our midst and He will be my strength; again. I’m going to lean on Him again. I’m not going to run away from Him, or be mad at Him…because I just can’t anymore.

I’m choosing to walk out of this. I’m praying that I can not be sucked back into that hole….that seems oh so close still.

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