Still Healing

I survived our second session of marriage counseling. I don’t like it, makes me more aware of my feelings. Maybe that’s the point, but maybe I don’t like my feelings.
I think Bob feels like the counselor is grading us, I don’t care if he is. Bob lists the things that he can do to “be a better husband” and the things he’d like to see in me to be the ” better wife”. I don’t care about us being better at our roles, I care about us being better period. I think we’ve still got some healing to do. He physical and Me emotional.
The counselor suggests that we write a paragraph or two about our spouse. Here’s the catch – write what it has been like to be your spouse for the last few years, from your spouse’s perspective. Should be interesting.
Oh, and one more thing, there is a plant in the counselors office that has one very long branch. This long branch has been secured with staples ( not kidding) along the edge of the ceiling around one whole wall of his office. And this infuriates me. That may be my clue that I need to keep going to counseling.
“Irrational anger: as evidenced by hating a common house plant “. Yup.


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