Cavities & I-Pads

We, my sister Paula, daughter Aimie, and I, started a blog after mom died entitled
Not that we think he’s crazy, ummmm well….anyway it was meant as a way for his kids and grand kids (me, since I’m the only one posting) to share “funny, annoying, frustrating” things about dad with each other.  Personally, it helps me to get it written down, read it back, then have a bit of compassion for the old crazy one. 
This post should be on that blog, but maybe they’ve merged in my head (crazy dad, good fight of faith-seem to go together) so they’ll merge in the blogosphere.
These kids is gonna have bad eyes and cavities from these ipads!”  He’s now convinced that Blake’s recent visit to the dentist revealed cavities from ipad usage.  He swears he saw it on the news.  It has nothing to do with the fact that dad gives Blake cookies and ice cream after every meal. Breakfast and lunch dessert at G-Pa’s house! Not cavity forming.  Video games are the culprit.

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